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Yangshuo Dongling Resort is located on the top of the mountain opposite Dongling Gas Station on Dongling Road. In Dongling Chaoxia Natural Ecological Zone, it overlooks the Li River and the entire Yangshuo County.

The manor is about 5 km from Yangshuo West Street, the bus station, about 3 km from Impression Liu Sanjie, about 7 km from Fuli Town, about 24 km from Xingping Town, about 6.5 km from Qianguqing, and about 6 km from Shili Gallery sightseeing bus ticketing point Kilometers are your best choice for self-driving, vacation and leisure.

The vegetation on Laoshan is lush, and the guest room architecture is perfectly integrated with the natural landscape. The air is fresh and the birds are fragrant. It is like living in a botanical garden. The viewing platform is on the banks of the Li River, and it is a great place to take pictures of sunsets, sunsets, smoke, and clouds.

95% of the manor rooms can have mountain views, 60% of the rooms have independent terraces, all rooms are equipped with Suwan pure latex pillows, and high-end room types are also equipped with pure latex mattresses, allowing you to have a baby in the wild forest Like sleep.

Manor has a restaurant, which is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner on a regular basis and has free parking spaces.