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Yangshuo Dongling Resort is located on the top of the mountain in the Chaoxia natural ecological zone of Dongling, Yangshuo. Between mountains and clouds, between forests and water, Lijiang river meanders between peaks, and karst landforms meet with hills. There is a continuous sea of clouds all year round, and every place is close to nature.
Dongling manor room presents a simple Chinese style, the use of a large number of wood increases the temperature of the building, spacious terrace and courtyard design, showing a unique landscape effect, but also the sea of clouds, mountain scenery and light into the interior. Comfortable bedding and carefully selected toiletries can create a beautiful life experience on the cloud while possessing the beauty and skin friendly texture. With garden like public space, trunk of hundred year old trees, stacked walls, unique wood and potted plants, you can feel the surging breath of life in any corner of Dongling manor. Boundless mirror waterscape, sky mirror, 360 ° The panoramic glass house, the wooden house restaurant on the top of the mountain, the cafe on the cloud, and the cloud sea viewing platform let you embrace the sea of mountains and clouds in the natural oxygen bar.
In Dongling manor, you can feel the kindness of nature, the surging sea of clouds and the towering mountain scenery. Enjoy the forest oxygen bar and listen to the silence in the bamboo forest; The leisure in the mountains and countryside, the rich local culture, the diversified life experience and the customized service of the travel manager will create a beautiful cloud life for you in Yangshuo

Breakfast price: CNY30($4.6) / person
Breakfast type: Chinese