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Yangshuo Dongling Resort is located on the top of the mountain opposite Dongling Gas Station on Dongling Road. In Dongling Chaoxia Natural Ecological Zone, it overlooks the Li River and the entire Yangshuo County.

The manor is about 5 km from Yangshuo West Street, the bus station, about 3 km from Impression Liu Sanjie, about 7 km from Fuli Town, about 24 km from Xingping Town, about 6.5 km from Qianguqing, and about 6 km from Shili Gallery sightseeing bus ticketing point Kilometers are your best choice for self-driving, vacation and leisure.

The vegetation on Laoshan is lush, and the guest room architecture is perfectly integrated with the natural landscape. The air is fresh and the birds are fragrant. It is like living in a botanical garden. The viewing platform is on the banks of the Li River, and it is a great place to take pictures of sunsets, sunsets, smoke, and clouds.

95% of the manor rooms can have mountain views, 60% of the rooms have independent terraces, all rooms are equipped with Suwan pure latex pillows, and high-end room types are also equipped with pure latex mattresses, allowing you to have a baby in the wild forest Like sleep.

Manor has a restaurant, which is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner on a regular basis and has free parking spaces.
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FAQs when booking at Yangshuo Dongling Resort
  • What are the check-in and check-out time at Yangshuo Dongling Resort?

    Check-in time is 14:00-20:00, and check-out time is 08:00-12:00 at Yangshuo Dongling Resort.

  • Does Yangshuo Dongling Resort have a pool or gym?

    No, The hotel has no pool and fitness room. See details about other facilities on this page.

  • Does Yangshuo Dongling Resort have a restaurant?

    Yes, you could have a meal in the hotel.

  • Does Yangshuo Dongling Resort offer internet or wifi?

    Yes, please request it when you check in the hotel.

  • Does Yangshuo Dongling Resort accept prepaid room charge?

    Yes, please contact us after submitting a reservation.

  • Does Yangshuo Dongling Resort accept credit card payments?

    No, the hotel does not accept credit card payment.

  • How much is the breakfast at Yangshuo Dongling Resort?

    Each costs cny30 for extra breakfast.

  • How much does it cost to stay at Yangshuo Dongling Resort?

    The room prices is from cny298, but it may vary depending on your stay(e.g. dates, room type etc.).

Reviews more
    Go to Yangshuo hotel for both leisure, away from downtown, observation deck you can look at the landscape. occupancy is b, is a courtyard-style, very good! the boss is thoughtful, timely help, we put dry clothes away. Manor dining are also worth recommending, invites friends next time again!
  • einstein
    Nice, but a bit dated. hotel staff OK.
  • jiangpeidong
    Boss is very nice, Villa Super fairy scenery. strongly recommend friends to stay in holiday, enjoy wow. time will come. boss is still free to us three upgraded suite, with a balcony with a view of ... thanks!
  • leonnieren
    Location but the hotel itself is good, can choose quiet relaxation, lively bar-forget it.
  • feiersi518
    Hotels in the mountains, the road is easy, but the Manor is great ... rooms were very clean and very beautiful, restaurant aunt's cooking really delicious.
  • claire_cc88
    Nice hotel health General. facilities and old.
  • e01041283
    Well, not bad.
  • baby528
    Rooms are large, very tall, lived in hot weather is very cool, very humane, we because of late flights, check out shops for free delayed 2 hours, thank you.
  • tsuitsui
    Very nice, great service, views well. come again.
  • irene519
    Nice, quiet, and make yourself at home, like boss family very friendly. lived for three days, rent a motorcycle two days, follow the scenic road trip with their children, wherever convenient, very happy.
  • oliveryu
    Surrounding environment good, nice hardware is not good
  • luyaofei
    Very quiet hotel landscape is very beautiful, it is not easy, fortunately, have a car, or don't know how. Zambia, will come later.
  • loubinX
    Phase more Yu in West Street of accommodation locations, here of traffic is compared not convenient, but can call to Manor please they arrangements car to urban, costs about 30 yuan (a Department car); here of environment is elegant, quiet, commanding can overlooking whole lively of Yang Sucheng and the green wave sparkling of Lijiang River fragment; if you tired of has West Street of noisy miscellaneous and crowded, here will is you of good select! recommended!
  • anna_xuyanping
    At the top, very quiet
  • bobo1981min
    Very very good view". And I love the hotel location , very quite
  • sws0124
    Quiet, fresh air ... is far to downtown, suitable for driving.
  • lyl791110
    Pretty good
  • cny3000
    A very good environment, the air is good, the rhythm is slow to come straight to, sent parents a second live, chefs can do a very authentic taste of Shanxi, Shanxi people to focus on.
  • lunarmoon365
    , As always, is very good, breakfast is simple, but very delicious and very nutritious, is the ideal place for a quiet rest.
  • e03660247
    Hotel seat somewhat partial, but for since driving tour for matter. service good, environment is good. station in dew stage, just see Lijiang River of massif. whole Manor, room not more, public regional is big. for family holiday. but, boss recommended to we of that so-called of new development of tourism route, not I to. run has is far of road, nothing harvest. on see a new cover of tea. very disappointed, that we are suspected that tea has she of shares, oO.
  • fanny05300326
    Help my husband and a few friends booked, they reached was overjoyed, said environment is too good, very quiet, sitting in the courtyard of the Villa is very pleasant.
  • andyfine1
    Occupies an excellent location overlooking Yangshuo Lijiang River and city, view big, self-driving tour is not here is regrettable.
  • linyingsun
    Hotel surroundings well, 600 meters up the mountain road is bad location. the breakfast is poor, only boiled eggs, white rice, rice flour
  • e00022260
    very nice. Will stay there again.
  • e01195842
    Estate is very comfortable, very quiet. good manager and staff, help the Lijiang River and Yulong river rafting is very good, especially the Dragon River, fully travel 2.5 hours, other rafts are back and forth 2. also invites all guests to eat on new year's Eve new year's Eve. very quality Festival tour.
  • Meelan
    El hotel está bien en lineas generales, pero como está en la monta?a y además hay que atravesar algunos caminos de tierra pues dependes te taxis cada vez que quieres ir y volver a Yangshuo (40 yuan cada trayecto)
  • jonlee88
    Location from the Dragon River Scenic 30 minutes by car (taxi costs 60 Yuan), from the West Street 15 minutes by car (taxi costs 30 yuan), the hotel is located in the East Bank of the Li River, can see the West Bank of the Li River and mountain views, pleasant feel, excellent mountain ecological, courtyards and quiet, perfect for relaxing. Service owners and service attitude of gentle nature, good service, simplified, naive and post-modern minimalism of both villages. Meals; the ingredients fresh, farmhouseA moderate price. Very suitable for family, friends and relaxation.
  • aids53
    Hill was quiet, no playing around, for enjoying the quiet life, living people who are not in a hurry
  • Alex. Chen
    There will be two rooms for two nights, a and b the best rooms are unique patio, large, surprise ... not recommended to eat outside the farm has a good.
  • e01345120
    Great environment. mountains and natural sleep awake is a pleasure in life
  • engineers
    Service is good, the boss is very nice and I for free upgrade to Deluxe Super terrace, large balcony view class, see Lijiang River, tea daze here a great enjoyment.
  • felixyxp
    its not very convenient located but you have a very nice view.
  • Tiffanyss
    Environment, terrace facing the river and mountains, and woke up in a bird eyes Misty. I do not feel very well, very intimate, to cook porridge. very satisfying journey.
  • e00248718
    In online find residence of when, selected to selected to pick has this name for 'East Ling Manor' of hotel, is I like of that, quiet, comfortable, also can homes on views King. car from Yangshuo city opened to not far, on Shang has a article winding of gravel path, probably on can line a Department car of road wide, hundreds of meters zhihou came to has mountain Shang, although we to hotel has is night, and see not out how many views, but has can full experience to that quiet, air in the also slightly withThe taste of some plants. Morning, was window of birds and River across distance Valley in visitors yell with listening to echo of voice 'noisy' woke up, station in dew stage, can meimei to take a deep breath has a, front of feel great, different of birds you party sing strike I Fang Ming, a morning on is 'lively'. terrace is unlikely to, but long in side side of a tree small tree and a tree greatly of sea taro suddenly let it has has vitality, across with river can appreciate distance this up he complex of Castle Peak, Guilin landscapeAll have a panoramic view. Villa of location absolute good, place does not special big, but see have out spent has mind layout, big to House of layout, small to table Shang of a small bottle water raised plant, Villa of hostess is is capable. we live has days, to this live of foreigners more had China guest. breakfast not like big hotel so rich, but on we for also enough has, boss personally Cook, has son like of bread, coffee, big people habits of metersPowder, porridge, cakes are good. Villa mountain, the mountain, we are on the threshold of a. mountain trail, can be a small 'through the jungle' to the river. There is a peach blossom mountain forests, flowers, go for a walk before and after eating, feeling very good.
  • CuteJoey
    Hotel facilities in General, but the environment can. moist in the room, but the service very friendly
  • baoju
    Room is too generic, very well outside, on the mountain
  • e00037313
    Very nice! shower gel and shampoo are Watsons, praise!
  • Alex Night War
    See network assessment is good, on to live live see. hotel is located in Yang Sucheng outside 5, 6 km at of a small mountain Shang, taxi to 30 yuan to West Street. location remote, is quiet! quiet of alone! Manor in also is beautiful! health and facilities are is good, absolute four star standard! Jiang Jinglou Taiwan room of Terrace, see mountain only opposite a seat mountain, see River on difficult has! sat down certainly see not to, station up see, a is has small tree block, II is see of river has is a article is narrow of river has,No beauty can statements! mosquito odd more! no screens, night only guanmenguan window sleep, fresh air on breathing not to has. morning of birds, also only up Hou open terrace of door, to heard has. fear mosquito, not seeking beauty, like escape Earth of people, should is is good of place! service General, bad not bad. on foreigners attitude is good. Chef of dish somewhat salt, taste can't compliment.
  • spiritual journey
    Manor is a feeling, courtyard, lush, deep courtyard, and many public areas, containing a number of MYRICA Rubra trees, featured soup of MYRICA Rubra worth tasting. boss is a generation, is said to have collected a lot of good things, including the Miao embroidery, jade, ya Pak, but not shown, unfortunately.
  • lanlylee
    Service is really good, thoughtful, Zhuang Yuan is quiet, away from the bustle, is a good place for quiet reflection and journey so memorable.
  • Bettypang
    Things driving more than 200,000 kilometer North and South, East of Ridge Manor is most satisfying hotel where I lived, so I will write a few words, let-owning friends about shared experience of staying. First arrived in Yangshuo, I have to admire his wise, no choice hotel in West Street on the Internet. because the well-known Yangshuo West Street, but is full of people, karaoke bars and a vulgar low-value tourist arts and Crafts Street, superficial bustle, the refined tastes of Lijiang, far less a few years ago, moreAnd delicate of Lijiang River landscape alien., Manor is located in Yang Sucheng outside East Ling mountain Shang, mountain of path does narrow, but for since driving visitors for, is not is what. into Manor Hou, didn't see hotel personnel, quiet to is some deserted, parking front levels steps Shang has two or three between small bungalow. I suspicious with myself parking good car, in family friends disappointed of eyes in the, into seems hotel lobby of small bungalow. Despite small bungalow within whole wood rootCarved table and chicken wing wooden bookcases bring a clean elegant favor, but only one reception staff was a young man dress, introduced himself named Xiao Chen.
  • bjwssd
    Service very attentive
  • yummymona
    Hotels in the mountains, saw the Yangshuo Li River and city, picturesque, hotel facilities good, early dining Burrito tasted good, had the opportunity to also stay.
  • missjia
    Advantages of picturesque, friendly staff, good. Shortcomings; sound, location is quite far away. but the scenery, is still worth it. for driving!
  • benloveyi
    Almost 600 metres from the roadside to the hotel, since driving is fairly easy. the hotel is built near the mountain, overlooking river. Unfortunately caught in rain, a lot less fun. hotel staff full of love that we didn't bring an umbrella, take the initiative to bring an umbrella, and praise one!
  • doris_wang1010
    Hotel away from West Street 5 km of East ling, environment beautiful very has, boss couple two mild kind, front desk of meimei enthusiasm, mountain of road female driver may to slow points has, but are OK. live in mountain Shang looking West Street a body in Xanadu and views room downtown of feel, air fresh, daily was birds sound wake, various fruit and osmanthus tree, we room of yard in has a star Bayberry tree, sat in yard in tea chat or to housing outside of views King platform Shang sit are is a comfortable veryOf things, mountain feet is Lijiang River quietly through, like article Green Ribbon. anyway live in East ling is in Yangshuo best of experience, comfortable kind, not five-star hotel of luxury cold, a small hidden Yu city of feel! since driving family, friends students party are good, last day of morning we just quietly to in Manor in sat sat turned turned are Pat left, next must again to! see boss of ya Bai wood!?
  • ALE clock
    Here in Lijiang River next of a seat small hillsides, balcony Shang can see opposite clouds filled knolls of mountain, beauty very has. Villa in except mountain room also has many between independent of small log cabin, log cabin outside has Bayberry tree, hundred incense fruit, green of various tropical plant. I with children in Villa in can play long. front desk sister with son also play have from afar. This is I wants to of holiday! hotel boss of mother is big kitchen, each road dish are is incense. also taste to has Lady sinceMyrica Rubra sauce and strawberry juice, delicious!
  • mxl1977
    nice view. but located in top of mountains.
  • jellrong
    Invoice is in trouble.
  • slowlycool
    Hotel is located in mountain Shang, landscape and beautiful, and quiet, tour day returned to hotel sat in platform Shang rest very comfortable. hotel is family type way, is warm. master is enthusiasm, will according to guest different hobby recommended travel route, is for self tour. traffic is not too convenient, but call to master, they will arrangements taxi shuttle guest, so didn't think is a obstacles.