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Yangshuo Dongling Resort is located on the top of the mountain in the Chaoxia natural ecological zone of Dongling, Yangshuo. Between mountains and clouds, between forests and water, Lijiang river meanders between peaks, and karst landforms meet with hills. There is a continuous sea of clouds all year round, and every place is close to nature.
Dongling manor room presents a simple Chinese style, the use of a large number of wood increases the temperature of the building, spacious terrace and courtyard design, showing a unique landscape effect, but also the sea of clouds, mountain scenery and light into the interior. Comfortable bedding and carefully selected toiletries can create a beautiful life experience on the cloud while possessing the beauty and skin friendly texture. With garden like public space, trunk of hundred year old trees, stacked walls, unique wood and potted plants, you can feel the surging breath of life in any corner of Dongling manor. Boundless mirror waterscape, sky mirror, 360 ° The panoramic glass house, the wooden house restaurant on the top of the mountain, the cafe on the cloud, and the cloud sea viewing platform let you embrace the sea of mountains and clouds in the natural oxygen bar.
In Dongling manor, you can feel the kindness of nature, the surging sea of clouds and the towering mountain scenery. Enjoy the forest oxygen bar and listen to the silence in the bamboo forest; The leisure in the mountains and countryside, the rich local culture, the diversified life experience and the customized service of the travel manager will create a beautiful cloud life for you in Yangshuo
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FAQs when booking at Yangshuo Dongling Resort
  • What are the check-in and check-out time at Yangshuo Dongling Resort?

    Check-in time is 14:00-20:00, and check-out time is 08:00-12:00 at Yangshuo Dongling Resort.

  • Does Yangshuo Dongling Resort have a pool or gym?

    The hotel has a pool, but no gym. See details about other facilities on this page.

  • Does Yangshuo Dongling Resort have a restaurant?

    Yes, you could have a meal in the hotel.

  • Does Yangshuo Dongling Resort offer internet or wifi?

    Yes, please request it when you check in the hotel.

  • Does Yangshuo Dongling Resort accept prepaid room charge?

    Yes, please contact us after submitting a reservation.

  • Does Yangshuo Dongling Resort accept credit card payments?

    No, the hotel does not accept credit card payment.

  • How much is the breakfast at Yangshuo Dongling Resort?

    Each costs cny30 for extra breakfast.

  • How much does it cost to stay at Yangshuo Dongling Resort?

    The room prices is from cny298, but it may vary depending on your stay(e.g. dates, room type etc.).

Reviews more
  • pairofdox
    East Ridge Manor, tastes sweet!
  • bijun
    Others are good, is to catch up with bright, lots of people on the Hill graves set off firecrackers
  • boertaili
    Environment is very beautiful! scenery, quiet and comfortable, really wants to live time! come back in the future.
  • airmusic
    Staff were very friendly, at noon for afternoon float to give us bread, the room is nice and comfortable, is in the mountains, there is a car, like the Villa. want to go
  • e00150935
    First said advantages, hardware can. location in mountain Shang, Xanadu like. away from busy and noise, last day we on in Hotel yard in sat with chat a afternoon, drink with beer, eat with Manor to we of sweet loquat, is too beauty has. Hotel hardware facilities can of, people bed and breakfasts most worried bath water of problem, in East Ling Manor, this problem not exists. bath water and big and good, than star hotel. said up noise of problem, also no feel too noisy. usually are listening to not to whatVoice. in addition to the guests there is a baby crying in the next room was also good. air conditioning is also very easy to use, quiet cooling. network. free wireless broadband is very good. Hotel service was very good. this year, the spell is service. the service here is very grounding, professional and friendly, sincere and enthusiastic. starting at the hotel because of the very early on the first day raft, breakfast time has not yet come, as soon as they heard that we had no time to go to the kitchen to do to us. moved. earlyBreakfast is also very good, rice I eat every day will not be disgusted. and variable patterns, steamed bread on the first day, the next day rolls, the omelet is out of this world delicious! we also ate a lunch at the hotel and ordered a beer duck, big basin, we ate all. tastes good, the price is not expensive. If you want to go down, or wants to come back and call his car on West Street, they would help at the front desk and ask for one. is very powerful. Areas in need of improvement for 1, but thisPoints cannot be improved. the geographical location of the hotel is both advantages and disadvantages ... at the top and does not facilitate. If you call a taxi for the trip, 40-50/trip, also went out once a day, how willing many trips back and forth back and forth. for me with two of the more than 60 years old, wants to come back to take a NAP in the afternoon is not so convenient. 2, health also requires a great deal of improvement. here I will attach a picture of our rooms provide bath towels as well as restaurant table tablecloth.At with clean room of sister said hope can for two block clean of towel, sister said are is rust wash not off of. so said hotel of towel wash has zhihou are no disinfection, is directly hanging in barbed wire Shang with daylight dried of? towel if disinfection drying of words on not has rust of mark. said sister to we for has two block, can also is dirty of. for has a article Brown of not know what, not 1.1 points of has. Overall, very satisfied. this travel choice... If you also come to Yangshuo, it is best to have a car, and then remember to bring a towel. (In fact, used to bring their own domestic tourism also, later overseas for a long time, all good hotels are used with hotel towels, this time a little awkward).
  • boli97
    Comfortable living, is to the Manor road is bad! is not convenient without a car. environment is quite good!
  • anni99
    That's good
  • camibrown
    River on the farm side, playing a bit, unfortunately, under the rain on the way, had secluded natural birthday night here, wife of a good man, also sent a birthday to me, fruit, glasses spill in the room, the boss kindly help me send it back, full of human interest, estate, next time bring family members to
  • linglei0927
    Family in East Ling live has two late, environment very quiet, and away from West Street, impression Liu sanjie, important attractions also not is far, can be described as make in the take static, very for elderly child live. Manor since with garden, morning up in Manor walking, breathing fresh air, very Yi people complacent, and service also good, room has toilet water, mosquito, out mosquito device and so on ranging, positions also good, to of day in Manor with lunch, points has beer fish, taste very good, breakfast alsoGuilin rice noodles to eat, family are very happy with it.
  • junidodo
    Landscape Super rod, is beauty is beauty, Chef good, breakfast of rice is we in Guilin eat to of best eat of, dinner we are in Gallery in with of, is good Oh, as mosquito, more is pretty more, but was bite has more than 10 minutes on elimination has, instead is returned to Shanghai, mosquito more HIV, only of shortcomings is mountain not too good go, 500 meters of stone road, inch is played stone played have happy
  • cindy1216
    The air is good, mountain scenery is beautiful, the food is also good, three meals a day can slightly here. but less convenient to town, called a trip takes 30 yuan.
  • sacer
    That's good
  • scorpion_young2
    Environment and good service.
  • nuaaamanda
    A few years ago, parents this year and they made, this location is a landscape of the West Street than. not flashy outdoor Manor owner of Bayberry juice and breakfast were great! have been missing. Same price of friends decisively this
  • doris2468
    Very ecological environment, sufficient oxygen in the garden, breakfast was only 8 points, late
  • ocean
    Hotel environment is good, situated, is leisure of good place, due to is North people business, so North people to has also can eat Shang delicious of North meals. ointment of is away from urban more far, access needed by desk called car, fare more your not playing table. hotel provides bike, due to Highway Shang vehicles many, outsiders on road traffic status familiar degree poor, is easy occurred accident, or hard found back of road. also has is hotel not provides accommodation invoice, reason is localEncourage micro-enterprise development tax allowances, so guests need invoices well then made a 16% about the tax on invoices.
  • lyyc66
    Safe, quiet, and stay, at home, on Xiangshan masquerade. ideal for vacation.
  • e02263414
    If time allows, here is a special for travel holiday live Shang a days of Manor. inside of a spent a grass are is so pleasant, in dew stage overlooking mountain Xia Yangshuo Lijiang River landscape more is disappointed, here, must will for you of travel added good mood. farmhouse and the Lady are is enthusiastic, help introduced of exclusive travel route absolute is photography lovers dream of best shooting points, day of trip let family people are is love, is thanks. as has free, bike down to bridgeheadWatch the sunset pictures are also very good. If given the chance, would choose it again.
  • bb7840
    Hotel is located in mountain Shang, air very fresh, boss is pair is elegance of couples. hotel of business similar Lijiang of Inn, with points home of warm. especially breakfast, clear porridge cake, bun sugar cake, plus local features of Guilin rice, particularly has home of taste. also, due to we of sparse between, children with of pet small warehouse rat run has a only, and we is no note to. warehouse rat scare to has Hotel other guest, boss call to I is no complained, just asked I on warehouse ratOpinion. thank the boss's intimate, and very sorry to cause trouble to the hotel. to Yangshuo in the future will choose this hotel
  • socnica
    The hotel travel inconvenient, far away from West Street, 30, is suitable only for vacation homes, breakfast is very good. very nice.
  • doctorwg
    Hotel was very quiet, nice
  • bjump
    Boss warm, beautiful environment, warm service, is a good place for vacation.
  • Floydian
    Self-driving tour choice, Yangshuo tour for us the most beautiful memories, viewing platform is a photographer's best position, paradise described by Tan Yumo, quiet, comfortable
  • amin605
    Location is quiet, if not self drive travel less convenient
  • m00281709
    In a quiet, bosses are warm, suitable for self-driving tour, will stay again.
  • colin5464
    Environment is very good, but you have to drive to just go, or go easy.
  • xpress
    Very good, great environment, the boss man
  • mrj1234
    Environment class
  • e00067352
    Hotel environment, as the boss says, no second in Yangshuo, it is strongly recommended to honeymoon in friends
  • liuym138
    Hotel compliment and cuss are finished, this mean Yangshuo. Yangshuo really not good, random small town, from the West, an endless stream of cabs, consumer is not low ... ... Ten hybrid of people and vehicles along the Gallery, river rafting-packed plastic raft, roaring motor noise was greatly reduced by picturesque ... ... Only Dragon River retained the original beauty of Yangshuo, Yangshuo, is the most worthy place to stay, come again, I only lived in the Yulong River, I hopeThis beauty will not be destroyed ... ... In General, as a tourist town, Yangshuo government management level is too low, income from tourism and are not reflected in the urban landscape, traffic regulation, trade order management, over and over, Yangshuo attraction would be lost ... ...
  • jorsiwei
    Front desk staff very helpful, Barry village day trips arranged by very nice, deep pleasure can be considered.
  • m00906543
    A very good environment! boss is nice! room isn't high enough!
    Good fresh air hotel, staff friendly, clean, very good place for leisure. highly recommended!
  • alan62
    East Ling Manor environment is good of didn't said of has, but only for since driving people, traffic really of is not convenient. Hotel supporting of restaurant personal feel taste is good of, most important is price really of is affordable, we a three mouth (child 5 age) daily of breakfast money only received has 25 Yuan, also is Festival during. and hotel of air conditioning is with heating of, is for has child of family, bathroom also has bath lamp, so not cold, only insufficient of place is hot will Shi cold Shi hot, GreekHope to improve.
  • angelsun0424
    Ibid, recommends driving, or not suitable for
  • jingya2009
    Landscape and environment first-class, is quiet, Villa has specifically of views King terrace, has swing. room clean, and prepared has toilet water, electric mosquito, feel is intimate. breakfast is rich, porridge, pie, whitewater Cook egg, also has rice, wants to how eat are good. is travel not convenient, but hotel has help called car, price also is reasonable. next has opportunities to also live this
  • biostimenina
    Manor was very beautiful, boss boss Super. know that we catch the train early breakfast, sharing toys and my daughter. House many foreigners, front desk communication is not the problem. are excellent, very good, is unlikely to want to go out every day, playing at the hotel was beautiful.
  • Francyang
    Boss quite enthusiasm, room in of bed really warm Ah, landscape is beauty of, unfortunately this season rain in the more, but Misty of don't has a turned flavor. hotel in of meals is delicious of, next to Guilin continues to staying. is mountain of road somewhat points difficult go, full is uphill of road, on I this driving age is quite of test Ah. only blame himself technical than people has. is chic of a hotel, strongly recommended!
  • Erica_799
    US United States
  • e00278901
    Hill is not high, the immortal name. stay few days in mountain retreats in the painting.
  • e02627862
    Very good, very suitable for holiday. more than the hotel quiet. value for money services.
  • gdpsm114
    Manor is located in the mountains, the air is especially good, view class, overlooking the River, the boss wife is very polite, kind of like home, very kind.
  • marsvv_7
    Hotel scenery and quiet, staff working in place, see Lijiang River from the terrace. suitable self-drive trips here. next is the first.
  • feyboy
    Location, at night, almost too dark. mountain environment is very good, a very large area, pavilions, is not how the room, many places rust. prospects very good air, does not fit in a hurry.
  • E02646773
    In hotel can well appreciate the surrounding scenery; quiet nice, but reached the hotel in that part of the road is not easy, car-free fit is not easy. the most suitable car driving.
  • benny0426
    Location was good, quiet, weight is enough food, homemade taste, it is recommended that you try.
  • cbww525999
    Very good of accommodation experience, see evaluation said location compared remote, no since driving not is convenient, but on we for is problem also no, stores has very good of power car rental, upper and lower mountain is convenient, 10 minutes not to on can to County, because Yangshuo of many attractions are is in country of, so to other scenic is very shortcut. family holiday of friends are will is for live in this hotel.
  • momo0820
    Quiet, suitable for mountain retreat, more suitable for motorists, or away from urban areas, traffic inconvenience. all is well, mosquito is really ill. bring insect repellent and mosquito spray, I didn't drive it. ^ ^
  • e00916333
    For those who like quiet living environment, suitable for self-driving tour family.
  • evamao1
    Boss good warm environment