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The Yangshuo Dongling Resort (Yangshuo Dongling Zhuangyuan) is located across the river from the famous West Street and the downtown area. This hotel offers views of the Li River and the natural surroundings.    This Yangshuo hotel has 22 guestrooms which feature modern amenities. All rooms offer scenic views while 80% have terraces.

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住客评论 371条评论     4.6分/5分 更多
  • love6life
    Helpful staff. Nice location up the hill.
  • jingya2009
    Landscape and environment first-class, is quiet, Villa has specifically of views King terrace, has swing. room clean, and prepared has toilet water, electric mosquito, feel is intimate. breakfast is rich, porridge, pie, whitewater Cook egg, also has rice, wants to how eat are good. is travel not convenient, but hotel has help called car, price also is reasonable. next has opportunities to also live this
  • at777
    This hotel is the Villa, to feel the atmosphere, but the landlord services
  • evava
    Front desk very friendly, affordable dinner delicious! nice
  • songyongpeng
    Hotel was very quiet, can see both sides of the River in the hotel landscape.
  • irene519
    Nice, quiet, and make yourself at home, like boss family very friendly. lived for three days, rent a motorcycle two days, follow the scenic road trip with their children, wherever convenient, very happy.
  • pat0604
    Help friend they shared photos are so beautiful in the mountains was quiet Nice the only inconvenience is a little far away from West Street still lives on West Street so quiet smart not satisfactory
  • fj_fyb
    Very beautiful, very quiet, very comfortable, especially like the cake for breakfast, delicious, haha
  • figo9850
    Locations in mountain Shang, see has others of evaluation know location more partial and road bad go, because is since driving, so on didn't consider these. to has silver rock Hou eat had dinner only to lodging of, mountain of simple mountain only few of several bulb, not I bold estimated is can't to Shang go of has, greeted service is is enthusiasm, but mention with big box followed boss up and down left right turned to only to to room, way is lamp as missing road of, wants to with may this is on shop ofQuiet's. into to room first ins and outs points mosquito, live to two days has been is note this, so also didn't how was mosquito harassment, is that Cook water of Kettle is let people nausea, inside thick thick of scale, with hand pull hand brush brush has long only basic clear clean, but that taps of water a cook out, surface Shang is a layer white late, fundamental can't drink, had to buy mineral water to cook. other of also has; TV with of is satellite TV, basic is bad of, province business cost didn't for machine,So pretending to happens to only bad of. don't asked I how know, because I introduced has another friends in I go has zhihou live in Manor other room, he said waiter said happens to TV bad has; also has is restaurant of cake delicious, Guilin rice not authentic but I like. to I sent SMS said 5 points evaluation added pictures screenshots on can to 30 yuan micro-letter red, finally know so more of 5 points evaluation is how to of has, red on don't has, honestly put service do is long ofMeter, to be improved of place is expansion mountain although cost high, but you can will Street improved about, more loaded several lamp on can improved, hotel within public area of lights is is enough of, this is is easy on do get of, why not will 30 yuan of evaluation returned paragraph with to these aspects? why spent that mind? room terrace outside of plant can crop about, will high of Qian off, such on can see full of mountain of, this is I live has two days think only has priceValue place.
  • ganggang
    All right
  • boli97
    Comfortable living, is to the Manor road is bad! is not convenient without a car. environment is quite good!
  • baobaolele
    Quiet for me.
  • fanny05300326
    Help my husband and a few friends booked, they reached was overjoyed, said environment is too good, very quiet, sitting in the courtyard of the Villa is very pleasant.
  • liudaye
    All right
  • einstein
    Nice, but a bit dated. hotel staff OK.
  • scorpion_young2
    Environment and good service.
  • paiwen0
    Hotel is located in East Ling mountain Shang no car travel does not convenient, OK hotel has called car service price also is fair, line 7 people called has car Swiss wind business car run a trip West Street 50 Yuan, run airport 380, driver service attitude is good, condition also good, as long as a phone on will on time shuttle. Manor within mosquito more, views King platform is good, Lijiang River landscape, West Street night panoramic view. front desk girl service attitude is good, all problem are can all answers.
  • ivy0627
    Environment is good, is quiet, in mountain Shang, air quite good, morning up also can see landscape, log cabin are is alone building of, is warm, romantic, on like Xanadu, health is clean, morning up fog of landscape special beauty, this is in West Street Live is didn't approach experience to of beauty, has open views King Taiwan, breakfast are is master personally do of, quite of delicious, a home of feel, like quiet, romantic of friends very worth a to, host is is good told of worth praiseA later went to live to Yangshuo
  • issgary
    Suitable for family leisure holidays, hotel is nice, staff is very kind.
  • boertaili
    Environment is very beautiful! scenery, quiet and comfortable, really wants to live time! come back in the future.
  • liyp0327
    Good surroundings, be sure to have a car.
  • e00185948
    For since driving to, yard chic, environment quiet, away from bustle, with West Street near of people bed and breakfasts completely 2 a experience, room of equipped with are is complete, front desk sister service is good, homemade Bayberry juice also good drink, in here drink has a meal dinner, taste good, is family of produced, price with County than also not your, is no regret try try here autotrophic of soil chicken-if to said shortcomings is mountain of road not too good go, also has night has mosquito-next to Yangshuo also will live to here-Recommend you stay-
  • jungle3250
    Location hotel on top of the mountain is quiet, is too wet of the mountains.
  • fulls
    Far away from the city, the environment is good
  • laoxing_lvping
    Help friend they print pictures of really good prices can accept the next time myself to this
  • ginaxia
    Surrounding environment, convenient
  • angiefly
    Great estate, at the top, garden design, across West Street, great view, you can see the sunrise and sunset. don't want to go live, and Oh, did not want to work ... must come again.
  • jellrong
    Invoice is in trouble.
  • lubell
    Really good! the boss is kind! remind; 1. is location partial has points, this reminded, do cannot believes Baidu map navigation! it will put you navigation to hotel opposite of a seat mountain Shang! with hotel across River across! I at heart on has 10,000 only grass mud horse in collapse make, so important of information, actually no households share, I is do good has. must to navigation to Yang Shuodong Ling gas station, there opposite has a junction, has indicates, directly up is has. 2. Almost no food around, you can eat in the Villa above, very reasonable prices, tastes great, especially the pancake breakfast! I generally do not like to eat something so dry, but the boss did a thought ~ ~ there are Wo. great Northwest Sao face smell! In addition to the location, other is 100 minutes, next time will come again! boss ~ ~ picture support would not have passed, described is consistent with your boss. I think the room is a bit small, HA~ Lovely quiet around, listening to the flower bird, is simply to enjoy ~!
  • solitude8227
    The environment is good, service is personalized, lack details section of the hotel, food, especially breakfast is too simple!
  • lyl791110
    Pretty good
  • e00031065
    Inn is very characteristic, the rooms are very clean, the breakfast aunt is kind, next time will come
  • may37
    Hotel location far from Yangshuo slightly, but the hotel facilities and the surrounding environment is very good, keep you away from the bustle of the city, suitable for leisure; out allowing hotels to help call a cab, it is very user friendly, and overall the hotel is very good.
  • fdbbx
    Surrounding environment, indoor, non-driving passenger transport is not convenient.
  • sdfet
    All right
  • crystal
    Hotels near so good but because the mountain is not so handy
  • e05175019
    Around the Green is very good, but a little remote, need to take a taxi on West Street about 30 yuan
  • tsuitsui
    Very nice, great service, views well. come again.
  • a66666616
    Family are very good, service was good, good health, you can
  • gaoligaoxing
    For the three of us got so much baggage, and after playing phone cannot pick preyed on, although the hotel was nice, still consider it inadequate, there are bathroom ventilation and light are the same button, open the tractor starts, noisy so. lived in Riverview, but balcony could not see into the water, according to boss plants grow too high.
  • e00037313
    Very nice! shower gel and shampoo are Watsons, praise!
  • baoju
    Room is too generic, very well outside, on the mountain
  • colaprince
    Hotels at the top, particularly beautiful fairyland. Food tastes great, inexpensive, noodles, pork is great. Boss is particularly warm. Hotel in good place for meditation.
  • jinxinmay
    Once is good of holiday leisure select, in East Ling Villa live has 10 days. real of Villa life, daily opened curtains on can see landscape, breathing with fresh of air, has home meals, has group free preferring of chicken. certainly, daily morning on heard has crowing of chicken song sound, is rare of natural breath Oh. out Villa door, along gravel Pu on of mountain go downhill, left is Karst far mountain landscape, is Kim orange orchard, right you is dense of Woods. see firstArticle cement, right turn, can has been go to Lijiang River side. this season, Lijiang River water clear flat, winding smooth, daily in river side go go, has a painting of feel Oh. Jiang Shan ru hua, this described is good. Villa small boss of business concept worth praised, efforts create bin to as home of atmosphere. this a everyone human business Villa efforts work, expression out family of understanding, warm and mutual of truth. said is, let walk rivers landscape of traveler moved, is a copies drumDance. like Breakfast hot sugar cake, sweet tooth, there are rice, oatmeal. If given the chance, think of this villa for a period of time, really helpful.
  • gww27
    Beautiful, quiet!
    Hotel was too narrow, mountain road, met the two passing at night is a problem
  • jjcyber
    Even better than you think, Super satisfaction. to Yangshuo must live as long as East Ridge Manor.
  • cscarly
    Hotel environment, facilities, service, no clutter in the small town of Yangshuo commercial atmosphere, ideal for meditation and leisure. Villa in the garden overlooking the scenery and night view of Yangshuo Li River. If the weather is good, to shoot sunrises and sunsets. following rain cloud. recommended.
  • pppaaappp
    Yangshuo West Street about a few of the most popular km distance, so rent a car battery, or bike the two places is very good. live here is experience the idyllic landscapes, far away from the downtown area, immersed in a beautiful landscape.
  • lancewong3454
    Hotels in the mountains, unmatched River view, the environment elegant, like. stores make their own breakfast, very clean. dinner, play down the mountain, not far from the town, since the drive is very convenient, if you don't have a car, is a bit of a problem.